This is where the most modern advances in technology benefit our patients in our St Johns Wood practice - one of the things our patients tell us they hate most about the dentist is the nasty impressions we have to take for many treatments. These can be messy, uncomfortable and often result in gagging - at SmileMore Dental Care we do things a little differently, so by using the iTero Digital Scanner from Straumann we can:

  1. Avoid using messy impressions
  2. Prevent gagging when impression taking
  3. Make impression taking comfortable - in fact we don't even need to touch you!

digital impressions North London

Digital Impressions are as comfortable as having your photo taken, and how painless is that?

The iTero scanner uses ultra modern technology to digitally photograph your mouth in 3D, the digital file is then securely sent to our laboratory where they use a process called 'rapid prototyping' to produce a replica of your mouth AND the basis of the final crown or bridge.

This process is far more accurate than the conventional 'hand made' technique which means:

  1. You spend less time in the dental chair
  2. Have less grinding when a crown or bridge is fitted
  3. Have less chance of having to have more than one appointment to have your crown fitted

No more impression goo!

digital impressions

Why would you want to go back to this old gooey impression technique? 

SmileMore Dental Care is one of only a handful of select dental pratices country wide to use this amazing technique, so call us today on 0207 788 8982 today to find out more, or why not download a voucher for a refund of your initial assessment opposite.

**NEW** We can now offer Invisalign using the new iTero Digital system

This means you can now have straighter teeth without the need for any physical impressions at all. Your digital scan of your mouth is sent via the internet securely to Invisalign directly, this saves valuable time as we no longer have to wait for the post, plus increases accuracy and comfort.

Dr Paul Abrahams - one of the Leading iTero Digital Dentistry Clinicians in the UK

As a leading clinician in the UK on Digital Dentistry our very own Dr Paul Abrahams was invited to speak on iTero digital dentistry at the prestigious Dentistry Show 2012 to a packed auditorium of dentists and technicians. His presentation left the audience agasp with the advantages that this system offers the patient over conventional impressions such as:

  • Increased Comfort
  • Reduced Time
  • Increased Quality

digital impressions

Dr Abrahams show a recent dental transformation achieved with the amazing iTero digital impression technique


digital impressions

Dr Abrahams explaining with excitement the many advantages offered to the patient

With conventional dentistry we have to rely upon the accurateness of the rubber impression material, this can often distort or fail to accurately record the fine details of your teeth. This means that when we are making your new crown or tooth the quality could be compromised due to these flaws.

Using iTero Digital Impressions we can see a virtual model of your teeth appear before us on the screen, this means that if there are any flaws we can see them and correct them immediately - impossible with conventional dentistry.

The result means that you will receive a higher quality result with none of the messy impressions normally associated with dentistry - this leaves you:

  1. Clean - no messy impression material around your face
  2. Relaxed - no gagging or material in the back of your throat
  3. Delighted - as the result are better and there is less chance of any errors

We truly believe that digital dentistry is THE way to go, so why not join us today...

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