If you need to see an emergency dentist it is best to call us at the practice as early as possible, so we can see you on the same day.

For emergency help outside normal hours, please telephone -

07552 122722 this phone is carried by a member of our team


020 8748 9365 24 hour “out of hour” service at Baker St, this service is run independently and charged on their own fee scale.

If you have a severe dental emergency caused by trauma we recommend you visit your local accident and emergency department


For teeth that have been knocked out (avulsed)
To stop the bleeding apply direct pressure to the tooth socket where it has come out, biting down on a piece of gauze may help.
If the tooth is still attached in the mouth do not pull it out, this attachment could be providing a good blood supply. If you are able, put the tooth back in to the socket it came out of ensuring you do not touch the root and that the tooth is facing the right way round!
If the tooth comes out completely either place it inside the patients mouth and take them to an emergency dentist, or if this isn't possible due to facial injuries or swelling place it in to a cup of milk and take the patient to an emergency dentist or accident and emergency department.
For patients of our practice in Sheffield we offer a comprehensive emergency dental cover service operated on a rotor basis with other dentists in the area.
This means our patients are never left without emergency dental cover.
If you are not currently a patient of S10 Dental and wish to avail yourself of this emergency dental service you will need to register with the practice beforehand.

For teeth that have been knocked out (avulsed)

If you have lost a tooth and need emergency dental help to stop the bleeding we recommend you apply direct pressure to the bleeding area, biting down on to a piece of gauze may make it easier to apply constant pressure

Please do not pull the tooth out if it is still attached, the attached tissue could be providing a blood supply to the tooth which will help to keep it alive. Place the avulsed tooth in to the patient's mouth (inside their cheek is good) or if possible place the tooth back in to the socket being careful not to touch the root - also be sure to place the tooth back the right way round!

Sometimes it's not possible to put the tooth back in an emergency, if this is the case carefully place it in to a container of milk - this will help to keep it hydrated and increase the chances of the emergency dentists being able to replant it.