Do you have broken down teeth, that you would like to correct?

Do you have slightly rotated teeth?

Or perhaps, you have small imperfections in your teeth that he would like to resolve?

Instant dental composite veneers from this local dental practice in St John's Wood, London could be the perfect solution to your dental problem and this blog post is dedicated to providing more information about how these instant veneers are created by this dentist.

When you come for an initial consultation, the first thing Dr Paul Abrahams will do is provide a full initial cosmetic assessment of your smile, along with a detailed analysis of the functionality of your teeth. This consultation ensures that any adjustments made to your teeth will be long-lasting.

In some cases, Dr Abrahams will take a rubber impression (or mould) of your teeth and send this to a dental laboratory who will replicate your  teeth in plaster. Once this has been done the dentist and technician can work together to decide on which alterations to your teeth would work best.

However, most of the time the dentist will be able to make adjustments to your teeth by applying the instant veneer composite material, normally in one single appointment.

What is the instant veneer process?

Once it has been decided that instant tooth veneers are the right treatment to overcome your dental problem, your teeth will be professionally cleaned. The clinical process then works like this.

  • Your tooth is roughened with a special acidic gel.
  • A clear bonding liquid is applied to your tooth, to ensure the instant veneer composite material bonds totally to your tooth.
  • Your tooth colour is then selected from a range, and the appropriate composite material selected to match.
  • The new shape of your tooth/teeth is then created from a series of these composite materials, all varying in colour. Typically darker colours are used inside, and then as the dentist works closer to the final shape a clearer translucent composite layer is applied over the surface to keep your new instant veneer looking totally natural and blended in with your surrounding teeth.
  • Dr Abrahams will then use a high-powered light to set/cure the composite material in around 2 min.
  • Once the material is set it can then be polished to a natural lustre to match your natural teeth.

Most of the time this can be performed in one simple appointment, and often does not require any dental injection at all, however we cannot promise that this will be the case.

The overall process is comfortable, safe and painless resulting in a stunning new smile in one simple appointment.

More information on instant tooth veneers can be found here.

Smilemore dental care are a local St John's Wood dental practice offering the highest quality dentistry in the North London area. For further details of the incident veneer process please call the practice on the number shown above.