Dental Implants are amazingly natural looking replacements that feel as strong and comfortable as your own teeth.  In our St Johns Wood practice we use them not only restore the patient’s normal appearance but make eating and speaking much easier than with dentures.

So, do you have embarrassing gaps? Or do your dentures feel loose and unstable?

Perhaps implants are right for you...

Dental implants replace the tooth’s own root, allowing us to place a fresh and natural looking new tooth on top. The whole teeth implant process means you'll never see anything different and it'll look like your own natural tooth from before.

The implant itself is made from titanium and is a direct replacement for your natural tooth root. Our dentists in st Johns wood normally like to leave the implant in place for two to eight months before making the final crown on top, during this time the bone around the implant gradually grows and bonds with the implant, holding it securely in place.

Once in position, an implant can hold a single replacement tooth, a bridge or a denture with several replacement teeth. And the real benefit is that they are virtually indistinguishable from your own teeth, which means you can enjoy an attractive and natural looking smile once more.

There's loads more information about dental implants from our North London dental practice in our free guide opposite - please download your free copy today... in less than 2 minutes you could all your answers about eating, smiling and chewing again with confidence with dental implants.