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Straightened, well-aligned teeth look far better and enhance your smile significantly. They can make you feel far more confident, and are easier to keep clean.

The wearing of orthodontic braces by adults has become far more acceptable in recent years, however if you are concerned about how you would look with braces on your teeth and we have a range of tooth coloured, clear and almost invisible dental braces.

As well as our general dentist, Dr Paul Abrahams offering orthodontics, we also have a specialist orthodontist offering more complex orthodontic treatments in St Johns Wood, North London - this means we have the ability to use a variety of modern orthodontic techniques to straighten teeth with regular braces, invisible braces (Invisalign) or rapid braces (Inman Aligner or Six Month Smiles).

Please take a few moments to browse the options, then when you are ready now please call us on 0207 586 1210 to request an appointment.

We will ensure that if your children appear to be having any potential problems with "crowded" teeth then we will refer to our orthodontic specialist. It's important that your children's teeth are as straight as possible for all the reasons above - it looks better, but more importantly straight teeth are easier to keep clean, which means ultimately your children will keep their teeth longer in adult life.

Common questions about braces

Do braces hurt?

Generally speaking orthodontic braces do not hurt, after you have your braces fitted, or after you change an aligner if you are having Invisalign then you may notice pressure on your teeth. Rarely is this described as pain - it is no more than pressure on your teeth, and after all we need to do this in order to move the teeth.


Will I have to have an injection with braces?

Orthodontic braces do not require any form of injection, and so if this is the only treatment you are having then you will not require an injection. Sometimes in conjunction with moving teeth with braces we decided to place veneers or crowns to cover up dark or damaged teeth. You may require an injection for this treatment, but not the orthodontics themselves.

What are the types of dental braces?

As with anything that involves technology, things tend to move quite fast, and dental braces are part of this category.

Generally speaking orthodontics can either be fixed or removable. Examples of fixed braces are the regular metal train track braces that so many people are familiar with, Six Month Smiles is also a fixed orthodontic system. Fixed orthodontics means that you cannot take the orthodontic appliance out, over all this tends to mean that the treatment is faster as it is working 24 hours per day.

Examples of removable orthodontics treatments such as Invisalign or the Inman aligner.

Orthodontics are also categorised according to the visibility. Invisalign is one of the most invisible orthodontic systems as it uses clear braces which are only visible on close inspection. Next on this list would be Six Month Smiles, these use tooth coloured braces. This system is slightly more visible than Invisalign but on the whole this much more aesthetic then the regular train track braces. The Inman aligner is also often barely visible, however it does use metal in its construction and so does have a tendency to be more visible than the other systems mentioned.

Are dental braces suitable for adults as well as children?

In years gone by it was only children that ever had orthodontics, however we now know that it is possible to move teeth in adults right the way through life. So it's never too late! If you had orthodontics when you were younger and your teeth have moved back again, or if you missed out when you were a teenager then it is not too late to begin moving your teeth, what ever age you are.

Smile More Dental Care is pleased to welcome patients from around the St John's Wood, West Hampstead and North London areas. We offer a complimentary assessment for any patient interested in finding out more about orthodontic braces, please do complete the form to the right of his website to download your voucher.