Invisalign “clear teeth braces” from our North London practice, are a convenient and discreet way of making teeth straighter.

If you have a job where you are concerned that people might know you are having orthodontics, or you simply want to keep things quiet, then Invisalign Adult Orthodontic Braces could be for you.

"This is a special message for all those young people who had braces on the NHS, then your teeth moved and you don't know where to go. Well, this is the place to sort everything out for you. Paul is so kind professional and really knows what he's doing. I have had my teeth bonded and whitened which is supercharging my life, thank you so much. Aishah and Hoda"

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Here's a video that explains how we do Invisalign tooth movement at Smile More Dental Care in St Johns Wood...

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These clear and almost invisible aligners can be worn full-time without being visible, in fact Chris Evans and Cheryl Cole have both worn some form of invisible tooth brace to move teeth and straighten their smiles - so it's a great way to achieve straight teeth AND carry on your normal day.

Patients travel from around the North London, St Johns Wood and Hampstead areas to see us for Invisalign as it is a perfect solution to conventional metal “railway track braces”.


No nasty gooey impressions!

We were among the first in line to receive some clever modern techonology called iTero from Straumann (we already use this for dental crowns), with this we can:

  1. Avoid using messy impressions
  2. Prevent gagging when impression taking
  3. Make impression taking comfortable - in fact we don't even need to touch you!
  4. Give you a 3D Projected view of how your teeth will look after treatment

digital impressions North London

Digital Impressions are as comfortable as having your photo taken, and how painless is that?


The iTero scanner uses ultra modern technology to digitally photograph your mouth in 3D, the digital file is then securely sent to Invisalign where they use a process called 'rapid prototyping' to produce a replica of your mouth AND your aligners.

SmileMore Dental Care is one of only a handful of select dental pratices country wide to use this amazing technique, so call us today on 0207 788 8982 today to find out more, or request an appointment online now...

How does Invisalign work ?

Invisalign® use a series of clear positioning trays/aligners that work in a similar way to traditional metal or “train-track” teeth braces. Each clear aligner applies a small amount of pressure to the tooth to move it, once the tooth has moved a small amount the pressure eases and it's time to use the next aligner.

These clear aligners are virtually invisible when you are wearing them, and because they are removable you can easily take them out to clean and floss your teeth without struggling to reach beyond a series of wires.

You wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, removing them only to eat and clean your teeth. Little by little, the aligners will move the position of your teeth until they are in their final, beautifully straight position.

An Example of Invisalign from our St Johns Wood Practice

This gentleman came in to see us with crooked upper and lower teeth. Each time he smiled he showed large black gaps in his smile and was unhappy with the crooked top teeth.

Invisalign Before

After his invisalign treatment you can see that the teeth are now far more even and the dark spaces in his smile have now gone

Invisalign After

If you are concerned about crooked teeth, or the same dark spaces, then Invisalign could be for you. So please call our practice today on 020 788 8982 or request an appointment online now...

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